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Clare & Taufiq wedding at Inglewood Manor

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Here we have. Amazing winter wedding at Inglewood Manor.

Please enjoy all photographs responsibly :) Here is what couple said about their journey...


We met whilst I was travelling Asia, very cliche. Our Singapore wedding was in the height of covid which meant my family and friends were unable to join us, only over zoom. So when our UK wedding finally happened, with everyone all together, it was everything we could have possibly wanted and more. Taufiq’s family got to experience their first English wedding which also made it special too. We didn’t actually see our venue until two weeks before the wedding when we were finally able to travel back from Singapore, but my parents made such a wonderful choice and we couldn’t have picked a better place to celebrate our special day. Inglewood manor was just wonderful from start to finish and they helped us make every detail possible. It was so nice to be able to dance with everyone in the evening after so many years apart and all the restrictions finally lifted, me and Taufiq didn’t stop smiling from the start of the day to finish! We couldn’t have done it without all the help from my wonderful family and friends and we wish we could do it again 1000 times over!



Making it all possible...

Dress - custom made in Singapore (stitch x stitch)

Make up - Faye Kenyon

Afternoon tea - michsafternoontea

Pick and Mix - Vegummies UK

Flowers and balloons- Florettes Florist