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Black & White wedding and portrait photography.

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

I always felt that B&W photography is a special one. As viewers we are more focused on what actually the photographer is trying to show us and concentrating on the core of the image.

And so I thought, why not use this occasion, and offer anyone who would like to have a wedding or portrait session in black & white style only with 10% off from my prices. This is a great opportunity to celebrate the magic of black and white photography.

Black and white photography is a rewarding and challenging field of artistic photography. Even people who don’t care about photography can find themselves drawn to this kind of images. As a photographer, black and white can allow you to discover a whole new character in a familiar subject. Teach how to compose the image and let you see the light.

After all we are painting with light .

There is something magical about b&w photography. And although there is place for any type of photography this one will stay in my heart for a long long time.




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