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Wedding at St.Georges Hall, Delyth and Llew.

Wedding at St.Georges Hall,  Delyth and  Llew.

On Tuesday, on the 6th of February 2018, Delyth and Llew in St. Georges Hall said yes to each other. It was a very small wedding. So small, that I don’t think it can get more smaller. Delyth and Llew invited me not only to be their wedding photographer, but also to witness them getting married! So honoured :)

We had an amazing time! We were allowed to take some fantastic images in the court room as well as inside some of the prison cells located inside this prestigious building. After the ceremony, we visited a very famous squire, called St.Nick’s, with a majestic view on Liver Building and not less the famous Albert Dock.

We end up in the place called Revolution, which [...]

Keziah & Joe - Wedding at Pimhill Barn at Lea Hall

Keziah & Joe - Wedding at Pimhill Barn at Lea Hall

This was my first time I’d shot a Pimhill Barn at Lea Hall. I was greeted by the bunch of relaxed cows and the beautiful views which spread in front of this gorgeous place. Quick look at the Pimhill Barn was enough for me to know that it's going to be one of the most memorable events. And it was indeed. There was so much laughter, love and happiness around this wedding. Dad crying seeing his daughter the last time before she became the wife. Joe kissing his mum before he became the husband. So much energy and lots of happy happy memories. I am not going to give you all the details. Just see the images and feel how great it was :)