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Pre - wedding session in Croxteth Hall, Liverpool. Sarah & Gareth

Pre - wedding session in Croxteth Hall, Liverpool. Sarah & Gareth

I’ve met Sarah and Gareth in Croxteth Park, in March, on one cloudy morning. It was a bit wet and cold but despite the weather we decided to take some shots as the wedding of those two was (is) approaching super fast and there was no time to loose. The very same day Gareth had to go and try on his wedding suit so we had only one hour to create some shots.

After 20 minutes, Lewis, a little man of Sarah and Gareth, decided to join us. It was so much fun. After a while, it started looking like it is going to rain. The pressure inside me started to kick in - just kidding :)

All went great. We had a blast. Chasing [...]

Helen & John | Wedding Photography at the Baltic Social

Helen & John | Wedding Photography at Social Club

What an amazing wedding that was! Helen & John got married on the 7th of October 2017 in the fabulous building of George's Hall followed by their wedding breakfast at the really quirky place, the Baltic Social.

I have to say, Helen & John made our work so easy. Love, smiles and laughter were everywhere. The atmosphere of the wedding was so remarkable that I don't think anyone remembers that it was a cold and rainy day. Today I smile when we look back at the images from that day. What an amazing wedding!

After being the first time in the Baltic Social we would definitely recommend this place; not only for the wedding events but for anyone who is looking for some quality [...]

Liverpool Wedding Photography | Liverpool Portrait Photography | Karisha & Michael

Liverpool Wedding Photography | Liverpool Portrait Photography  | Karisha & Michael

I met Karisha and Michael in Liverpool 1 on a cloudy Sunday. Their wedding day is coming closer and closer so I thought I'd show you some of the images from our little session by Liver Building.

I have to say, this couple is born to be photographed. They are so natural that there was very little to say in terms of posing and directing them.

On this occasion, I wanted to achieve a cinematic feel so exposing the images was a bit different than usual but I think the results are really great.

I am not going to say more, just check the images yourself.

I can't wait to be a part of their special day x

Karisha & Michael.