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30 Day Photography Challenge.

So I decided to challenge myself and take one photo everyday for the next 30 days. Well.. what is the challenge you might ask? Hmm.. good question, I don't really know but I decided to go for it :) I thought it'll be my personal project. No planning. Just pure everyday images. Let's start.

Day One: Mariam.

Newsham Park. I spoted her feeding pigeons and squirrels. We had a good half an hour conversation. She is there almost everyday and she loves it. I couldn't resist and took a few images of her.

Day Two: Squirrel.

I've noticed that there are quite many of them. Everyday I see them just through the window jumping, playing and collecting unwanted food. Most of them are grey, what isn't a good sign. The best ones, red ones, are hiding in Formby Freshfield Squirrel Reserve. Shame. It would be really cool to see them here in the city. Fighting with the grey race of squirrels and making everyone just stop and smile for a while. Otherwise it is just another grey dull day :D

Day Three: Falkner Square.

Today I photographed beautiful flat for one of the estate agencies in City Centre, Reeds Rains. Flat is situated fairly close to City Centre, within walking distance to Anglican Cathedral. This super spacious place is owned by Miss L who I asked if she is willing to take a part in my 30 day project and if I can document her in her charismatic apartment. Luckily for me she agreed and here you have it. Miss L in her gorgeous flat in Falkner Square.

Day Four:Well lets say I took a day off :)

Day Five: My street.

I pass this place every day. I can easily say that this is my street. This is a place where our children grow and where we met lots of different people. I thought I would take a photo of this place today as I was wondering what it's going to look like in 10 or 20 years time.

Day Six: House for Sale

I always wanted to photograph owners of the houses. For me, house means nothing without the owner. If it belongs to everybody it means that there is no real character, no real story behind it and that will never be one. So while photographing someones estate I decided to follow my interest and ask the vendors to let me take quick portrait of them. Just show how much life they're putting to their spaces and that without them it would never be that interesting.

A below photograph presents a lovely man who is 70 ( I couldn't believe it! ) and who is just enjoying his life, spending most of the time playing golf. His house will soon be advertised on Entwistle Green's website.

Day seven: On the road.

Today, when I was on my way to do some work for one of my clients, I was forced to stop on the M6. Yep, there was a big traffic in front of us and that led me to think how much time people spend traveling and how much of it they waste in traffics. Bored being stuck and not able to move they start looking for things to do to kill the time. I also didn't waste any, took advantage and took this shot.

Day Eight: Tony the Builder.

I got involved in a building project.Tony and I were cutting and shredding and cleaning and cutting… We spent whole day together just cleaning someone's garden. I have to say, I can't remember when I was so tired. Maybe it is because I am tired everyday and I can't remember about it :) Anyway, Tony - he is one special man. He smokes about 40 cigarettes a day, drinks around six pints of lager and works like there is no other day. Nothing to admire really but I couldn't miss the chance and not photograph him. We had a really tough day but still managed to pull this shot. I am really glad he let me involve himself in this special project.

Day Nine: Woolton Wood and Camp Hill

I was coming back from the assignment when I saw a sign 'Woolton Wood and Camp Hill'. I thought I could spare 5 minutes and find something interesting to photograph. As I walked through the park I met few very friendly people who gave me all necessary information about the place. I have to say, I was quite pleasantly surprised with what it was and looked like. It's not as big as Calderstones Park but it's not either small and I would recommend to go and see it to everyone - it has some really fantastic views. Little gem some people might say :)

I picked this shoot because I thought it could have so many meanings. It can symbolise power of nature, or somebody growing above the others and taking everything what is possible to take… If you see something completely different please let me know - I'd appreciate your views.

Day Ten: Wedding Cake.

Day Eleven: Video

My first youtube movie. So proud of myself :)

Day Twelve: Night Photography.

In the last few weeks I was hoping to take a couple of images in the night time. Tonight I had five mins so I wasn't very fussy about location. I picked first available street and took a shot. As I was editing I thought it would be nice to have a human element in the foreground. Well, maybe another time I will do that and ask someone to stand for me. Any volunteers :)

Parliament Street. Liverpool.

Day Thirteen: Pricing.

There is to many photographers who hide their prices from their competitors and customers too. I decided to go opposite way and put my prices strait on the website so we all know what I charge for my work. In todays market, where competition is so big, as a photographers, we need to find the way to communicate with †he public. Been more open to the new ideas and put our harts to the unknown territory. I love photographing weddings. But I also love taking images of people, animals and cityscapes. I don't like to be classified as one subject photographer. I'd love to see myself as a flexible and creative person who know how to use his tool. Sort of like builder who can use one hammer in many trades.

I am not hiding any more. Prices are here and you can check them by clicking this link.

Day Fourteen: Lola

I am sorry for not writing anything for a while but my computer gave up on me and I had to find a replacement. Thought, that I can't post here anything, was really painful but I am back now and I hope that it will continue like this till my last thirtieth day.

Today I took a picture of Lola. My daughter's friend. Very bubbly, happy girl. Hope she will like this image when she grows up.

Day Fifteen: Light in photography.

Sometimes I like to photograph the light. Not the light per se but light which illuminate the place. Give something magical to the scene and makes me smile when I look at it. This must sound crazy but I just like photographs about the now and the moment. No real subjects. Just light in the right place.

Photograph taken in Garston, Liverpool.

Day Sixteen: Street Photography

According to Cartier-Bresson, there is an almost magical split-second in which events in the world – interactions between people, movement, light and form – combine in perfect visual harmony. Once it passes, it is gone forever. To capture such moments as a photographer you must be inconspicuous, nimble and attentive; working on instinct; responding to reality and never trying to manipulate it.

Composition cannot be planned, nor can it be added in afterwards. Cropping will invariably make a good shot worse and is unlikely to make a bad shot better. Camera settings shouldn't be something the photographer even thinks about – taking a photograph should be like changing gears in a car.

Day Seventeen: Andrew.

Today I was doing some manual work. I really enjoy building projects. To see something changing from bad to beautiful is extraordinary and has something magical in it. Anyway, I had a chance to take few snaps of this guy, who was helping me to tile the bathroom. I think we did rather well :D

Day Eighteen: Traveling.

Every day seems to be traveling day. I wake up. Work. Travel to work. Take photographs. This was one of these days.

Day Nineteen: Time for Christmas.

So I am sitting with my kids and we are doing the ordinary things. Totally enjoy it :)

Day Twenty: Wedding.

Today I photographed a very special wedding. We were quite lucky with the weather. It was great! Lovely couple with fantastic willingness to be photographed. Just a pleasure to work with. Hope they will love the pictures.

Day TwentyOne: Merry Christmas.

Christmas is not a time nor season, but a state of mind. Let's hope we all will keep that in mind.

Day TwentyTwo: Susan Sontag.

Mallarme said that everything in the world exists in order to end in a book. Today everything exists to end in a photograph.

Day TwentyThree: Wedding Details.

Every wedding deserves awesome details! Especially flowers. They are just a part of every wedding I photographed this year. And I love to capture them every single time :)

Day TwentyFour: Innovation Park.

Liverpool has many great buildings. One of them is situated in Innovation Park. It is possible that in the future this great estate will be change into something spectacular. I am hoping that this image will be a fantastic archive for it.

Day TwentyFive: Space to Let.

Space to Let in Liverpool. Places are limited. Call us for more info :D

Day TwentySix: Museum of Liverpool.

We had a very relaxing day today. Walking around Docks, seeing views from the big wheel by the Echo Arena. Just family day out. And because we were in the Museum of Liverpool I thought what an interesting stairs and end up with this.

Day TwentySeven: My kidos.

I have to say I feel very tired tonight. I worked so hard all day I can bearly feel my fingers, not to mention my head. Still, this place here is pushing me to write something and post one photo. So... here you have it guys, my kidos :D

Day TwentyEight: Welcome to 2016.

Christmas is over now. Shopping areas are getting less and less shoppers. Rain is everywhere. Welcome to 2016. I hope, we all will have a good and peaceful time ahead of us. I hope to see you somewhere on the way :)

Day TwentyNine: Rain.

Rain rain go away,
Come again a Saturday,
Little Julia wants to play,
Rain rain go away.

Day Thirty: Cathy.

This is my last image in my "30 Day Photography Challenge". I have to say it was very challenging. I had to stop for over a week as my laptop decided to give up on me, and occasionally skip the post to the following day as I had some timing issues. Overall I managed :) Just wanted to say big thank you to those who stayed with me and occasionally looked here. Hope to see you guys on my next challenge ( 30 Street Portraits - coming soon ).

Below picture is an indication of my next task which I am planning to do very soon. I took it today while exploring streets of Liverpool. Cathy is a homeless person and has lived on the streets for over the month. She lost her house simply because she couldn't afford to pay for it. She seemed to be very optimistic about her future. Lets hope things will work out well for her and she won't live on the streets for long.

Big thanks again everyone.

For any enquires please contact us by clicking this link.

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  1. Save C. Bannerman wrote over 3 years ago

    Inspiring! I never leave the house without my camera. I should take the 30-day challenge too! Great blog. Can't wait for the next set.

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