Hi, I'm Krys,
a professional Liverpool based photographer.
I specialise in wedding, portrait, family and new born photography.

Wedding at the Park, Liverpool. Sarah & Gareth.

Wedding at the Park, Liverpool. Sarah & Gareth.

By the end of April Sarah & Gareth tied the knot and said "I do" to each other. The wedding took place in The Park Hotel in Liverpool. It was a rather rainy day but despite the weather all guests arrived in good shape and with big smiles on their faces. Sarah & Gareth are one of the most caring couples I have ever met. I still remember how Gareth was expressing and spreading his love during his speech and how everyone was moved by the feelings floating around the room. We had such a great time photographing this wedding. We wish a newly wedded couple a very happy new life and all the best in their long and full of adventures future.

On this [...]

Pre - wedding session in Croxteth Hall, Liverpool. Sarah & Gareth

Pre - wedding session in Croxteth Hall, Liverpool. Sarah & Gareth

I’ve met Sarah and Gareth in Croxteth Park, in March, on one cloudy morning. It was a bit wet and cold but despite the weather we decided to take some shots as the wedding of those two was (is) approaching super fast and there was no time to loose. The very same day Gareth had to go and try on his wedding suit so we had only one hour to create some shots.

After 20 minutes, Lewis, a little man of Sarah and Gareth, decided to join us. It was so much fun. After a while, it started looking like it is going to rain. The pressure inside me started to kick in - just kidding :)

All went great. We had a blast. Chasing [...]

Wedding at St.Georges Hall, Delyth and Llew.

Wedding at St.Georges Hall,  Delyth and  Llew.

On Tuesday, on the 6th of February 2018, Delyth and Llew in St. Georges Hall said yes to each other. It was a very small wedding. So small, that I don’t think it can get more smaller. Delyth and Llew invited me not only to be their wedding photographer, but also to witness them getting married! So honoured :)

We had an amazing time! We were allowed to take some fantastic images in the court room as well as inside some of the prison cells located inside this prestigious building. After the ceremony, we visited a very famous squire, called St.Nick’s, with a majestic view on Liver Building and not less the famous Albert Dock.

We end up in the place called Revolution, which [...]

Lisbon & Porto.

Lisbon & Porto.

I love wedding & wedding photography but also I love travelling. And because a photographers life is not always about portrait and weddings here, below I decided to show you some cool images from our trip to Portugal. Hope you like them as much as we do ;)

Ps. This post is ongoing and it will be updated on regular basis.

Helen & John | Wedding Photography at the Baltic Social

Helen & John | Wedding Photography at Social Club

What an amazing wedding that was! Helen & John got married on the 7th of October 2017 in the fabulous building of George's Hall followed by their wedding breakfast at the really quirky place, the Baltic Social.

I have to say, Helen & John made our work so easy. Love, smiles and laughter were everywhere. The atmosphere of the wedding was so remarkable that I don't think anyone remembers that it was a cold and rainy day. Today I smile when we look back at the images from that day. What an amazing wedding!

After being the first time in the Baltic Social we would definitely recommend this place; not only for the wedding events but for anyone who is looking for some quality [...]



I love portrait photography. It takes time to build good relationship with the person who you are about to photograph and, trust me, it is not easy to capture the right portrait. I am always trying to find out a little bit about the person who I am going to work with. It helps.

I want to to see what my subject likes best and how he or she sees himself/herself.

Liverpool Wedding Photography | Liverpool Portrait Photography | Helen & John | Festival Gardens Liverpool

Liverpool Wedding Photography | Liverpool Portrait Photography  | Helen & John | Festival Gardens Liverpool

I’ve met Helen & John in the evening on Saturday. It looked it was going to rain in any time soon but it did not. We had just a cloudy rather worm evening instead. At this time of the day Festival Gardens was rather empty and we had whole place for ourselves. Festival Gardens is remarkable place and definitely worth of visiting. Situated close to city centre it is a popular destination for many tired walkers who are looking for some quite and peaceful area. We certainly found peace and quietness that evening.

I have to say Helen and John are very easy people to work with. They had no problems with posing or having a go with a big jump on a little bridge [...]

My 10 best places to see and photograph in Liverpool.

My 10 best places to see and photograph in Liverpool.

The idea of photographing “ my ten best places in Liverpool” was growing in me for a long long time. Like with any other project it take me quite some time to crystallise it and create to certain standards. I was looking on the internet for inspirational images but most of the time I couldn’t find anything what would inspire me so I decided to take things in my own hands and create images of the places which I think are the best to see and photograph while visiting Liverpool.

My 10 best places to see and photograph in Liverpool is very subjective vision and I agree that there might be better places. After living in this amazing city for so many years I discovered [...]